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Integrity. Compassion. Empowerment.

The art of healthcare should go beyond a patient number, beyond the routine examination and treatment.  AT FM Medical, our approach is to care for each life as unique, precious and special.  That is why we have combined Conventional Medicine with Healing and Wellness tailored to your individual needs.

Conventional Medicine: FM Medical Family Practice is led by Scott Michaels, MD and Michael Pendrak, MD who believe in total patient wellness.  They perform a complete physical examination and wellness visit and tailor your care plan to ensure optimal health.

Urgent Care: Our patient centered approach means we will cover your health needs on your time table..  Our Urgent Care is opened when you need us, 365 days per year and offer minimal wait times.  We cover whatever life throws at you, from sniffles to stitches we are focused on your wellness.

Physical Medicine: the Pain Relief Center, a division of FM Medical, focuses on Healing through rehabilitative therapy.  Emily and Oleg, Doctors of PT, create patient specific rehabilitation program to optimize your path to wellness.

Chiropractic Wellness: Scott Fechter, DC, Santina Whited, DC and Juliana Ferrell, DC promote Wellness through diet, exercise, lifestyle education and musculoskeletal alignment.

We encourage you to navigate through this site to find out more.  Or click here to schedule an your health and wellness visit.

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