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Welcome to Pain Relief Centre’s Articles page. These entries are hand picked for their relevance in daily lifestyle choices that have been found to be of benefit to our clients and society at large.

Content on this page is refreshed periodically – therefore, we suggest you check in with us from time to time.

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pdf icon2011 – November Articles – Topics on Massage

5 Surprising Benefits to Massage

pdf icon2011 – September Articles – Topics on Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for the Shoulders
Rehabilitation methods to treat Plantar Fasciitis
When to Exercise with Muscle Soreness
Four Steps to Avoid Sports Injuries in the Future
Heart is Protected by Exercise Via Nitric Acid
Two Minutes of Exercise
Sports Participation, Fitness Linked To Academic Achievement
Exercise May Protect the Older Brain from Silent Strokes
Hip Strengthening Exercises
Muscle Mass Reduces Type 2 Diabetes Risks
Healthy Habits Can Add 15 Years to Your Life

pdf icon2011 – August Articles – Topics on Massage Therapy

Rock Climbing for Optimal Health
Powerful healing of Peppermint
Massage for Tennis Elbow
Massage for Plantar Fasciitis
Prenatal Massage – Common Questions
Massage techniques for the knees
Massage therapy for fibromyalgia symptoms
Treating fibromyalgia using massage techniques
Massage to treat headaches
Massage to treat carpal tunnel
Massage reduces headache frequency
Two Minutes of Exercise

pdf icon2011 – July Articles

Omega-3 Dosage for Heart Health
Which sleep position is best?
The Healthy Eating Pyramid (Download Food Pyramid Here)
Diabetes Overview -are you at risk?

pdf icon2011 – June Articles

Conservative Pain Management a First
Doctors Recommend Kids avoid Energy Drinks
Medical Study Indicates Chiropractic Care Most Effective For Back Pain
Pain Relief May Be As Simple As Crossing Your Arms