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Concierge Medicine

FM Medical: Family Health and Wellness Care

Concierge Program

High Definition Health Care

FM Medical provides hi-tech cutting edge medical services for you and your family in a relaxed patient centered environment.

It is our mission to provide outstanding affordable integrated health and wellness care.Health care delivery should be timely, individualized, unhurried and affordable. We created FM Medical to help our community live healthier.

Outstanding VIP Access:

·Health care when you need it!

·Depending on your choice of plan you can see a physician with minimal wait times.

Access appointment times by plan:

·Platinum Plan 8 hours or less

·(House Calls when needed)

·Gold Plan 24 hours or less

·Silver Plan 48 hours or less

·Bronze Plan 72 hours or less

Coordination of Medical Care

·Efficient timely referrals for diagnostic testing and specialty care

·Personal physician to physician care coordination

Comprehensive Wellness Center

·Physical Therapy

·Chiropractic Care

·Personal Training

·Dietary and Nutritional Counseling

·Weight Management

·Smoking Cessation

·Flu shots

·Dietary Counseling

·Skin Care and Facials

Electronic Medical Communication

·Direct email communication with physician

·Our electronic medical record system provides

direct prompt lab and diagnostic results

Minor surgical procedures

Urgent care services

·Laceration and wound care

·Skin procedures ie, skin tag removal, biopsies

·Joint injections


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