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Urgent Care St. Augustine

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Urgent Care plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of the local community. Located in the heart of this historic Florida city, this healthcare facility serves as a reliable and accessible resource for individuals in need of immediate medical attention. With a commitment to providing prompt, high-quality care, Urgent Care St. Augustine offers a wide range of medical services, from treating minor injuries and illnesses to providing essential diagnostic tests and screenings.

One of the standout features of Urgent Care St. Augustine is its convenient hours of operation. Open seven days a week, including evenings and weekends, it caters to the unpredictability of health emergencies, allowing patients to seek medical assistance when traditional primary care offices may be closed. This accessibility is especially valuable for tourists visiting the area, ensuring that they can access healthcare services without delay.

The dedicated team of healthcare professionals at Urgent Care is well-trained and equipped to handle various medical situations, such as fractures, lacerations, respiratory infections, and allergic reactions. They prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction, striving to minimize wait times and provide compassionate care in a clean and welcoming environment.

In addition to its immediate care services, Urgent Care also offers preventive healthcare options, such as vaccinations, flu shots, and health screenings. This proactive approach to healthcare helps individuals in the community stay ahead of potential health issues and maintain their well-being.

Urgent Care St. Augustine is not only a medical facility but also a pillar of support for the local community. Its presence reassures residents and visitors alike, knowing that prompt, professional medical assistance is readily available when needed. In essence, Urgent Care St. Augustine stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence, offering peace of mind and quality care to those who depend on its services.

Conventional Medicine: FM Medical Family Practice is led by Doctor Scott Michaels who believe in total patient wellness. They perform a complete physical examination and wellness visit and tailor your care plan to ensure optimal health in the St. Augustine, Palatka and surrounding areas.

Urgent Care: Our patient centered approach means that your healthcare needs are covered on your timetable with minimal wait times. From sniffles to stitches, we cover what life throws at you. If you are looking for a friendly and experienced urgent care in St. Augustine then visit us today.

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