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The art of healthcare should go beyond a patient number, beyond the routine examination and treatment.  AT FM Medical, our approach is to care for each life as unique, precious and special.  That is why we have combined Conventional Medicine with Healing and Wellness tailored to your individual needs. If you are looking for a Family Doctor or an Urgent Care center in St. Augustine, then FM Medical is for you!  Our doctors offer care for an auto injury, and accident injury.

Conventional Medicine: FM Medical Family Practice is led by Doctor Scott Michaels, MD who believe in total patient wellness.  They perform a complete physical examination and wellness visit and tailor your care plan to ensure optimal health in the St. Augustine, Palatka and surrounding areas.

Urgent Care: Our patient centered approach means that your healthcare needs are covered on your timetable with minimal wait times. From sniffles to stitches, we cover what life throws at you. If you are looking for a friendly and experienced urgent care in St. Augustine then visit us today.

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There is a place for modern medicine and then there is the fact that your body sometimes needs to be physically put back in place. I have been to other Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists but never with such incredible results!

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