We’ve all heard at least one grandparent or elderly friend say “It’s not fun getting old” after complaining of joint pain, muscle weakness, arthritis, or another painful consequence of aging. Fortunately, Physical Therapy offers many ways for senior citizens to alleviate some of their discomfort and experience the pain relief that many struggle to achieve without the use of heavy medication.
Pain relief often seems unattainable for seniors. As we age, we assume that pain is just something that we have to deal with. With physical therapy, and a healthy lifestyle, many patients can reach a level of pain relief that brings them back to a time where body pain wasn’t a daily reminders of their age and physical limitations. Physical therapy can help seniors reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions, increase mobility, flexibility, and strength, and maintain their independence. Many seniors have had to give up hobbies, and surrender to a more sedentary lifestyle because they feel hopeless about the pain they experience. Physical therapy has changed the lives of senior citizens, and people of all ages.
Often, patients are shocked to find that they can notice a difference in only a few physical therapy sessions. The pain relief that can be achieved with physical therapy can increase one’s range of motion, and help the patient perform tasks that had otherwise been impossible. The improvement seniors experience can help them live a much higher quality of life, for a longer period of time. A sense of purpose and autonomy can be retained and physical activities such as shopping, driving, caring for oneself and one’s home, cooking, and enjoying hobbies can all be improved with physical therapy.
The pain relief than physical therapy offers can benefit the body as a whole. When one part of the body aches, we often compensate with another part of the body, which gets worn out easier because its being overworked. That tends to be a domino effect, wearing out different parts of the body. Physical therapy works with all parts of the body, strengthening, and helping them to work in harmony, the way they’re supposed to, resulting in the desired pain relief, and often, fewer falls.
Although physical therapy can help people of all ages, in many different scenarios, elderly people can benefit in numerous ways, from healing a previous injury, to simply maintaining their lifestyle. The exercises demonstrated by the physical therapist should be performed correctly and on a daily basis. It’s not an quick fix, and the result you receive from physical therapy is a direct reflection of the effort you put in. Like anything else worthwhile, physical therapy takes time, effort, and the drive to achieve the much needed pain relief.