Facing a broken bone or getting sick often leaves people debating between going to their primary doctor, or the Emergency Room. Many people don’t consider the convenience of a walk in visit to Urgent Care, however, depending on the circumstances, it may be your best option. FM Medical Urgent Care in St. Augustine cares for a wide range of patients who wish to receive the quality medical care that they’d get at their primary doctor, without having to wait for an appointment. Urgent Care is somewhat of a middle ground between the two.
It’s not an option to go to your primary doctor late at night or on weekends, but Urgent care walk ins can receive most medical services with a more comfortable doctor’s-office-like environment. Many people feel more comfortable in FM Medical Urgent Care in St.Augustine rather than an emergency rooms. Urgent Care in St.Augustine is open seven days a week, from 8a.m to 8p.m, and welcomes walk ins. The staff at Urgent Care is comprised of well-trained physicians and they can provide nearly all service you’d find at an emergency room.
Two major differences between Urgent Care in St.Augustine and a primary doctor is that Urgent Care doesn’t keep medical histories like a primary doctor would, and they conveniently don’t require you to have an appointment. The major difference between Urgent Care and an emergency room is that Urgent Care is generally not equipped to handle life-threatening situations that require more advanced medical equipment. If you’re experiencing a life-threatening situation, your best bet is to either call an ambulance, who will take you to the emergency room, or if possible, drive yourself to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, if you suffer a broken bone, sprain, infection, contract an illness such as the flu, cold, or bronchitis, or are experiencing vomiting or diarrhea, FM Medical Urgent Care in St.Augustine is the most time-and-cost-efficient option, as the wait is often shorter for walk ins and most procedures are covered by insurance, and cost significantly less.
Studies have shown that nearly half of all emergency room visits are non-life-threatening, and could be handled at an urgent care for a fraction of the cost. Sprains, cuts, and infections are some of the most common reasons people head to the emergency room, and those situations would be better handled at Urgent Care, leaving the emergency rooms clear for those who need desperate medical attention. Depending on the time of day, Urgent care walk ins can get medical attention in the same time or sooner than they would at en emergency room, for less that they’d otherwise pay. Time is a major benefit for Urgent care walk ins, as they can sometimes be treated in 30 minutes or less, with emergency room visits taking several hours, due to the fact that those with life-threatening conditions are seen first. Millions of people struggle to pay off medical debt accumulated in the emergency room, while so many still don’t know about the benefits of Urgent Care walk in services.
Urgent Care in St.Augustine provides excellent service, by trained and efficient professionals, in a clean and modern facility, and is an excellent alternative to receiving treatment for the many ailments that are too often handled at the emergency room. Time and cost both lend themselves better to Urgent Care, as Urgent Care walk ins can see the difference between paying as low as $50-$150 at Urgent Care, compared to paying thousands for the same treatment at the emergency room. With insurance, many patients’ only cost is a small copay. Consider the friendly staff and top of the line care at FM Medical Urgent Care in St.Augustine if you’re faced with a non-life-threatening condition.