Welcome to FM Urgent Care, the number one emergency facility in downtown St. Augustine. Nothing is as important as immediate care and access to quality medical facilities when it comes to your health. This is why we are here; to ensure that all your needs are met at any given time of the day or night.
Urgent Care Center: Meeting Immediate Health Needs

Located in St. Augustine area, FM Urgent Care is a reliable and accessible facility for people with non-life-threatening conditions. Our main aim is to provide fast medical services for various illnesses that develop abruptly such as colds, and flu among others which do not need hospitalization.

Convenient Care When You Need It Most

At FM Urgent Care, we know very well that health emergencies can occur at any time without warning signs. That is why we open our doors throughout the week including evenings and weekends too because we understand how difficult it can be especially when one falls sick during odd hours like midnight so don’t hesitate to just come over! We acknowledge this fact by being flexible on working hours since some cases may require immediate attention even if primary care offices are closed so as to avoid overcrowding in emergency departments with non-emergencies.

Peace Of Mind Through Comprehensive Services

Our center has all the necessary resources required for handling different types of urgent medical conditions; ranging from minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, and sprains to acute infections among others like lab testing which enables us to make quick diagnoses accurately thereby saving the time taken before starting treatment plan hence reducing chances of complications arising later after discharge due delayed interventions caused by wrong results interpretation.

Exceptional Care Every Step Of The Way

If there’s ever been a place where excellence was born then it’s FM URGENT CARE! Our dedicated team works tirelessly around the clock ensuring that you receive nothing but superior urgent healthcare services within our vicinity coupled with warm-heartedness shown towards patients’ welfare till they walk out smiling regardless of their pain intensity levels or conditions’ seriousness.

Come Experience The FM Urgent Care Difference Today

The only mistake we make at times is waiting until tomorrow while having an option like FM Urgent Care available today. For all your urgent health needs, visit this top-notch medical facility in St Augustine, where reliability meets speed together with compassion; because under our roof there are no strangers just friends who care about each other’s well being hence making us work towards achieving excellence.