FM Urgent Care is the partner you can trust for immediate medical care and other essential services such as sports physicals if you are in need of urgent care near St. Augustine. We appreciate the significance of accessible healthcare delivery and we tirelessly strive to provide exceptional service to our community seven days a week.

FM Urgent Care Sports Physicals

Why FM Urgent Care for Your Sports Physical?

FM Urgent Care specializes in performing comprehensive sports physicals on individuals of various age groups. Whether you are preparing to play sports in school or participating in recreational leagues, a detailed examination is required to ascertain that you are medically eligible. Our seasoned team will ensure that they render the most accurate and professional diagnosis possible.

What Happens During a Sports Physical?

A sports physical at FM Urgent Care involves assessing your health history and administering a medical examination of your body. We test your vital signs, check your fitness level, and make sure there aren’t any underlying medical problems that could impair your performance or put you at risk. By providing an efficient and thorough examination, we hope to get you back into action fast.

Urgent Medical Services Conveniently Provided

FM Urgent Care is more than just another clinic, but a dependable place where people can go whenever they need emergency treatment ever since it first opened its doors many years ago. For these reasons, our services are available all through 7 days of the week, including weekends and nights. The flexibility ensures one can obtain medical aid when one’s normal physician may be unavailable thus always having somewhere to turn for assistance during emergencies.

Outstanding Features of FM Urgent Care

Open All Days: Our understanding is that health emergencies do not work according to the 9-5 schedule which is why we are open 24/7 all through the year including weekends.

Immediate Attention: We handle a wide range of urgent ailments; this team provides expedited treatments to help patients recover fast.

Experienced Medical Staff: Our medical personnel are well-trained to deliver high-standard healthcare and therefore receive the best treatments available.

Convenient Location: FM Urgent Care is located in St. Augustine so that it can be easily accessed by those living nearby simplifying your search for help within close proximity.

Maintaining Your Health and Safety

We prioritize your health and welfare at FM Urgent Care, which is why we strictly follow protocols ensuring that all our patients have a safe and clean environment to be treated in. Whether you come here for a sports physical or some other emergency medical condition, you can depend on us to provide an environment where you feel safe.

Go to FM Urgent Care Today

Do not wait until the last moment to visit FM Urge Care. Come into the offices of FM Urgent Care today if you live in St. Augustine and want to prepare yourself for what’s coming this next season. We have friendly staff who will take care of your urgent health needs making sure that health provision remains convenient even when things do not go as planned for you or your family members.