Cervical Traction

Cervical traction is not a new concept. However, recent advances in technology have made such a significant improvement to the equipment available, that it is no longer appropriate to describe this procedure as traction alone. Historically, traction is general, non-specific. Modern traction incorporates both precision in the amount of force, as well as placement of that force. Results are greatly improved with precision.

Traction is a useful procedure for patients with herniated, bulged, or protruding discs between one or more sets of cervical or lumbar vertebrae. It is also useful in reducing pain associated with severe facet syndrome and sciatica. During the procedure the patient is strapped into the appropriate harness and setup on the appropriate machine for either lumbar or cervical spine. The traction targets the diseased part of the spine creating a negative pressure inside the disc. The negative pressure on the herniated disc helps to reduce and minimizing the disc bulge over a several treatment sessions. Fluid transfer also plays a large part in patient recovery. There are no active blood vessels supplying the spinal discs. The fluid and nutrients flow by osmosis, in other words, from a high to low concentration. During a traction procedure, the fluid flow is vastly improved, and nutrients are pumped into the spinal disc at a much greater rate, thus speeding the recovery process.

Cervical spinal traction at our office is performed on a computerized Chattanooga TX Saunders system. This touch screen operated system provides a high level of precision, while being comfortable to the patient. The headpiece is adjustable to fit a wide range of head sizes. Traction sessions are typically combined with cervical spinal adjusting and/or cervical ROM exercises to improve function of the cervical spine. In this way a wide variety of cervical spinal issues can be accommodated.

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