Patient Resources


New Patient Visit

We are excited to have you join us as a new patient at FM Medical! Here is some information to help you get the most out of your first visit.

Bring your medications with you to your first office visit.

Please put all your medicines into a ziploc bag and bring them to your appointment. Don’t forget to bring prescription creams, birth control pills, eye drops, over-the-counter medications, herbal/natural medicines, and vitamins. At FM Medical we want to make sure we have all the exact details of your medications and supplements, to provide the best care possible. This also helps the physicians renew any medications that may be running out.

Requesting copies of your medical records

At FM Medical we want to make sure we have your medical records in a timely manor. As your Family Doctor we need all the facts, so we can provide the highest level of care. While not necessary for everyone, if you’ve had significant medical problems, testing, or treatment in the past few years, it will help your doctor if we can get a copy of your medical records from your past doctor or doctors. This can help prevent duplication of tests that you’ve already done. It can also help us avoid treatments that haven’t worked for you in the past. Please request a copy of your medical records from your last doctor(s), and bring to your first visit. If you are unable to obtain you records, bring the doctor(s) information to your first visit, and we will obtain the records, usually we’ll receive your records within a week or two.

Completing registration paperwork

Whenever you start with a new doctor’s office, there are always plenty of forms to complete. To help streamline your registration, you can complete all of the forms we need in advance. Go to Pre-Visit Forms under the resources tab. If you don’t complete the forms in advance, you can always fill them out when you come to our office but please arrive early so you have time to do this before your appointment time.

Bring your insurance card

Please bring your current insurance card with you to all of your appointments. We will verify your insurance status to make sure your insurance is active when you check in for your visit.

Arrival time

If you complete your registration forms in advance of your visit, please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time so we can complete your registration and verify your insurance. If you plan to complete your registration forms at our office, please arrive an additional 30-45 minutes early to give you sufficient time to complete the forms prior to your appointment.