Leg Lift Exercise

ex legraise


Performed lying on back or seated in chair.


Floor – First, tighten the abdominal muscles and slightly squeeze the buttocks in order to press the small of the lower back into the floor and tilt the pelvis into a “neutral” position. Next, raise the bent legs until the lower legs are parallel and the thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Then, slowly extend the legs until they are near full extension, then bring them back to the starting position. Be sure all movements are slow and controlled.
Chair –

Movement – Chair:

First, grab sides of chair and lean back slightly while tightening the abdominal muscles and slightly squeezing the buttocks in order to obtain the “neutral spine” position. Next, raise the legs until the feet are approximately 6-12 inches off the ground. Hold this position for a count of ___ seconds*, then return to the starting position.

Repetitions and Sets:

*See personalized exercise prescription sheet.