The Spinal Muscles and Ligaments

Spinal muscles and ligaments attach to the vertebrae, ribs, and pelvis to permit and manage various trunkal motions including – forward and backward bending, side to side bending, and rotation or twisting. When a spinal motion occurs in excess or a muscle is worked beyond its capacity whether suddenly or gradually over time, injury occurs.

Sprains and strains of the muscles or ligaments upset the normal balance of the spine. Spinal structural alignment and biomechanics can be significantly altered. These alterations make the spinal components (discs, facets, vertebrae, nerves, etc.) increasingly prone to injury and degenerative processes.

Doctors of chiropractic rehabilitate spinal muscles and ligaments to prevent spinal imbalances. Proper spinal alignment and spinal biomechanics can only occur with healthy muscles and ligaments.