Do you accept insurance?

Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. can work with many insurance carriers.  When you initially inquire about our services, we will ask you to provide us with your insurance information.  You will then be assisted by our staff in coordinating with your insurance carrier for the payment of services.

What treatment or therapy does your physical therapy staff use to address incontinence and similar conditions?

We focus on treating the pelvic floor musculature which can be tight, weak and/or unmanageable.  We train patients through exercises that enhance muscular ability on the pelvic floor musculature. We also make use of diet adjustments, bladder control training, and Biofeedback, among others.

What makes Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc.  different from other companies providing the same services?

We have been in the therapy profession for many years.  Our clientele grew through referrals. In fact, a large portion of our over-all patient network is from recommendations.  This means that our company has gained the trust of so many clients as we have successfully and continuously provided them with the treatment services they need.  Our dedication to our clients and their recovery surpasses what we can realistically put on print.  When you become one of our clients, we guarantee you will experience our outstanding services.  In the future, we hope we will deserve your recommendations too.

Why do I feel pain? How do I manage pain?

Pain is a natural response and is innate in the human being’s nature of self-preservation.   Pain is your body telling you that there is something wrong and that you need to get medication and/or treatment to resume your normal bodily functions. Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. specializes in the identification of pain, pain sources and in diagnosing conditions related to chronic pain.  We treat patients individually and teach them ways to alleviate the pain they experience which may have been caused by stress, illness and/or a recent surgical procedure.

How long does it normally take until I no longer feel pain?

Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. usually conducts a series of treatment procedures.  In the process, we cannot specifically point out the duration of pain.  Pain is also dependent on your condition and the part of your body that is stressed; possibly your bones, tissue, muscles, etc.  At Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. , we will do everything we can to hasten the healing process through our treatment services.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain?

Yes.  With every patient, Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. stresses the importance of our training.  We educate patients on how to deal with their condition.  We identify the limits of your health and your level of tolerance for pain.  We will recommend exercise routines, massage, medication and several other ways to address your needs.