Headache/Migraines Treatment

Headaches are maladies that plague the modern workforce.  Severe headaches are responsible for decreased efficiency in many offices because they can adversely affect the concentration of office workers.  The customary treatment for headaches is taking medicine, which of course sometimes may lead to unpleasant, counterproductive side effects.

To avoid this, modern medicine turns to physical therapy as an alternative remedy that doesn’t have any side effects.  Our treatment services are aimed at alleviating headaches and migraines through:

Neck Biomechanics

Recurring neck pain is one of the most common complaints of patients.  These patients may also suffer from headaches and migraines.  Through Neck Biomechanics, there are techniques that can be used to approach such conditions.  This may involve using chiropractic solutions, altering work positions, and using some medications to alleviate the pain.

Postural Corrections

In many cases, the cause of pain is the way in which activities are performed.  A large factor affecting this is posture.  Improper posture during work can contribute to pain and headaches.  Physical Therapists provide clients with knowledge and instruction about proper posture during work and rest, to reduce stresses in the muscles and nerves, thus reducing or elininating these types of pain.

We at Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc. take this one step further with our scientifically proven methods, catered to the individual patient.  Call us at 904-823-8838.