Pain Management

There are times when pain becomes chronic.  It is always unfortunate when pain becomes part of your life, but it doesn’t have to keep you from living a full life.  Through the pain management program here at Pain Solutions & Physical Therapy, Inc., our physical therapists will make sure you will have an improved quality of life, despite the pain.

The treatment includes:

Joint Pains

Joint Pain or Arthralgia can result from injuries in the ligaments, cartilage, bones and tendons around the joint area.  It is recommended that individuals who experience chronic pain in the joints be evaluated by a medical professional to be properly diagnosed with conditions such as arthritis, or in worse cases, a tumor in the joint.

Pain Management basically revolves around finding ways to recognize and minimize pain, reducing it to the lowest possible level, enabling patients to recover and resume a normal quality of life.  For individuals who lack efficiency in recognizing pain or have difficulty dealing with pain, Biofeedback may be a good approach to take.

Biofeedback involves measuring muscle tension, skin temperature, perspiration, and brainwaves that are triggers at the onset of the pain.  When pain occurs, brainwaves take place and are used by the medical practitioners to study patterns and nerve behaviors.  With this information, the patient is given training on how to reduce brainwaves and consequently, their pain.

Consult with your physician to determine if biofeedback is the right road to take in your pain management care plan.  Like all other treatment plans in healthcare, some options are more effective than others.  It’s best to know the risks and the benefits in order to make a sound decision.


Ultrasound therapy is one of the treatment modalities used to address chronic pain.  Ultrasound treats pain conditions and promotes healing for tissues affected by soreness, tears and fatigue which trigger pain.  This method can be used for patients with osteoarthritis, myofascial pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tissue scars, phantom limbs, sprains and muscle strains.

Electrical Muscle Stimulator

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulator is a preventive approach as well as a rehabilitative one for patients with mobility problems.  It is sometimes confused with TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator which is using electric currents in the treatment of chronic pain.

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